Welcome to the Caregivers Corner

Welcome to our caregivers corner. Each month we will be featuring different tips and words of encouragement that we hope you find helpful. All of the board members are or have been caregivers. We understand where you are. You have physical, financial, mental, and spiritual needs. Exhaustion has a way of sneaking up on you and leaving you feeling isolated and desperate. Recruit friends and family to assist you when they can.

We see storm victims stand in line for generators after the crisis hits. Don’t wait until the crisis hits. Start building your support system now. Your support system needs to include friends, neighbors, physicians, and your faith community. You need friends you can laugh and cry with. You need friends who meet practical needs such as mowing the lawn or bringing a meal. You need friends who make the effort to stay connected with the one you care caring for and are comfortable providing respite care so you can take a short break. You need to make your neighbors aware of your situation. There should be no stigma attached to your loved one’s diagnosis. The brain is an organ just like the heart, liver and lungs. This organ now has a disease. It will affect behavior and thinking so make them aware of changes. They may be eyes and ears you need if your loved one escapes the house.

Physicians will work with you but you must keep them informed of changes. Become an advocate and establish a relationship with all members of the professional care team. Your faith community can encourage and pray for you. You can make your needs known without complaining and whining. Share your heart and allow them to encourage you.